License Plate Parapsychologist
11:26 a.m. on March 16, 2005

Some people read palms or minds or tarot cards. I read license plates. In Washington State, the license plates are 3 numbers followed by a space followed by 3 letters. Sometimes the 3 letters make up a word or imply a message. I will throw a question out into the universe and sometimes I receive an answer via the cars around me.

Sometimes it will be a good day and I will see plates that say: HAH or WOW or YIP. Others days are not so good and I will see plates that say SAD or CRY or SCK. I may need some reassurance and I will see a plate that says MOM and I will feel a little better.

Once I was feeling desperate and questioning everything, when in quick succession, I saw plates that said: HZL, LLY & STV. Was this a sign from the other side from my late great-grandmother Hazel, my grandmother Lilly who I never met and my cousin Steve?

If I ask a dumb question, I might get the answer DUH or if the question is more frisky, I may see JSM or RUB.

Sometimes you can get an idea of the person who is driving the car from the plates that say LZY, SLY, HOT, JRK, GIT, DOG, LSR, JOY, ETC.

The clues are there, you just have to look for them.

Or maybe I am just reading in to it.

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