10:12 a.m. on January 05, 2006

Itís raining.

I got a new Ionic hairdryer & my hair looks so good today.

God does not want me to see the Gay Cowboy movie. When BrokeBack Mountain first opened in Seattle, it only opened in the small art house theaters that were far, far from my home. I figured the next week, it would open wider, which it did, but instead of playing at the big theater located directly across from my home, it opened at one more art house theater and at a main theater located in the frigging mall! The mall is just 5 minutes away from my house, so the day after Christmas, I left my house 40 minutes early to give myself plenty of time to find parking amidst all the shoppers. This was a bad plan. Never go anywhere NEAR a mall the day after Christmas, what was I thinking? I did not even make it even close to the parking lot; I was stuck in traffic for almost an hour, missing any hope of seeing that movie that day. The next week, I tried again, this time with Sasha at the wheel. It was the day after New Years, so we left ONE HOUR early and picked a sneaky route to avoid traffic issues. The freeway was treacherous in the pouring rain, but we braved the elements; we were on a mission.

We got to the mall parking lot and drove around and around and around at a snails pace. Finally we saw a parking spot opening up & we happily put on our blinker as we waited for the person to leave the spot. Then, like a scene out of a bad movie, a gangster car came wheeling down the lot from the wrong direction and STOLE OUR SPOT!! We could not believe it. Sasha rolled down his window to yell at the thieves, but thought better of it when he saw the car filled with 4, very large, scary, criminal-looking men. If they did not think twice about stealing a parking spot at the mall, they will not think twice about punching you in the face.

Anyway, at this time we decided it would be best if I ran in to purchase the tickets while Sasha continued the search for a place to park. I went in the theater and got in the massive line to purchase tickets. There was an enormous, wall size poster for the movie and I got really excited that we were finally going to see it. Then people started evacuating the line and I realized the bad news: IT WAS SOLD OUT!!! Very annoying. I called Sasha just seconds before he was moving into the parking spot he found and we went and got Italian Take-Out instead. This weekend we are totally going to Fandango tickets and leave 90 minutes early, because I WILL see that damn movie!!!!

New Years Eve was fun. We got dressed up. Partied with good friends. Ate a lot of food, got drunk and went home.

My work situation is super sucking right now. My boss came to talk to me on Tuesday about some changes that are going to negatively effect me and I cried real hard right in front of her. We were supposed to resume our conversation yesterday, and I could not sleep at all the night before. When I got to work yesterday, I noticed our office had been robbed! My office was all a clutter, my locked drawers were pried and busted open, my petty cash box was pried open and the contents removed (about $300). Upon inspection of the office, we saw that every area had been rifled, any locked drawers were pried, two laptops were stolen and they also stole someoneís bike! I spent the entire afternoon with the police as they dusted my office for prints! I had my very own little CSI. This is actually the second time we have had a major break-in in 2 years. Anyway, due to that little interruption as well as a benefits crisis, my meeting with my boss got postponed until later this afternoon.

I hope I donít cry again.

It is still raining.

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