10:38 a.m. on August 04, 2006

Someone brought into work some sort of sample pack of diet food that was horrendous tasting. One of the items was a granola bar, which was not as bad as the rest, so yesterday I had it as an afternoon snack. Last night at about 9:00 pm on the dot, my stomach started to rumble. Cartoon noises were coming from my belly: gurgle, grumble, and tumble. Then the pain struck and doubled me over with a tremendous groan. I went to bed and lay on my side with my knees tucked up to my chest. After almost an hour of this, the bubble in my belly adjusted itself and redirected out my bottom with a cacophony of toots and whistles and booms. This went on near all night with a grand finale this morning that I will not describe in detail, but letís just say I am about 5 pounds lighter than I was last night. Hey, diet food really does work!

Sasha is going on a 4-day dude weekend. His oldest friend from Wisconsin is in town and they are hiking in to the deep woods and living off the land and climbing mountains. I told him to please circle on the map as best you can where you think you might be so I can know where to direct the search party.

Here is my artist rendition of me doing nothing at work:

It is so slow right now, I need new ideas to help me pass the time and look busy; got any?

Itís Friday, Itís Friday, Itís Friday!

I bought some filo dough and am going to make this:

The Blue Angels are in town. They are practicing today. They are cool to watch, but when you are stuck at work in your gray 8 x 18 cubicle (I have a long cubicle) it sucks big time. You cannot hear them until they are right on top of your head when they roar by like a glimpse into WWIII. By the time you skitter to a window to watch them go by, they are gone like Mach I ghosts.

I am sort of jumping out of my skin today a little bit. Not just because the Roar of the Blue Angels has me on edge. The weather is perfect (a lovely 70 degrees with blue sky and a smiling sun) and it is Friday and payday and I have cherry filo dessert things in my future. I donít knowÖall of it just feels good.

I was going to say something else, but that is a good place to end.

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