9:59 a.m. on August 07, 2006

Sasha’s 4-day dude weekend of hiking into the mountains and living off bare minimum supplies turned into taking the bus to the ferry, taking the ferry to the Peninsula, hiking about one mile to a friend's house and camping in the living room for two nights and then asking me to pick him up at the ferry when back on this side of the water. So cute.

My bachelorette weekend was cut short, but I was glad to have him back, come Sunday. I spent my Saturday night having a chick night with a gal friend that included good food & great drink at a shi shi restaurant that becomes a haven for rich, young singles on weekend nights. We were not interested in any of the young singles, we were there for the sushi tacos and killer drinks, sprinkled with plenty of girl talk.

Once done there, we did not want the night to end, so we ended up at the opposite end of the spectrum, a skanky bar filled with not-so-rich singles. There was a parade earlier in the day, so the bead laden bar patrons had been drinking most of the day and were already 3-sheets to the wind; when one guy spoke, he sounded exactly like Carl from Sling Blade. My friend’s husband joined us and bought a round of toxic-colored jell-o shots. I think he regretted it a bit, because I was already comfortably drunk and blatantly taking photos of all the sordid bar flies with full intent of posting them here. He asked what if one of these folks got angry that I was taking their photo without permission and posting on the internet? I said I would plead a Mel Gibson: I was drunk and did not mean it.


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