2:21 p.m. on March 18, 2008

We took Sasha’s cousins out for a Sushi dinner for the last night of their visit. We went to the cool place that has the sushi going round on a conveyer belt so you can just grab what looks good instead of picking things at random off a menu. The cousins have two pre-teen boys who were with us and they sat closest to the food as it went round and round. These kids have a true taste for Sushi and were grabbing pretty exotic things as they went by. Each plate has a color associated with a price and the kid’s appetites reflected an expensive taste.

The older boy grabbed a plate that was piled high with flying fish row. I think this stuff is good in very small quantities as more of a garnish on a California roll, but I was pretty leery he would actually like a whole plate full of row.

Not surprising he could barely eat even one and left the remaining roll abandoned on the plate.

At the end of the meal, we were all stuffed to the gills and surrounded by almost 40 different colored plates all empty aside from the one with the remaining Flying fish row roll. I jokingly pulled out a $10.00 bill and told the oldest kid that I would give it to him if he at that last roll. He groaned and refused citing that the first roll almost made him puke. I turned to the younger brother and gave him the same offer, expecting his parents to put the kibosh on the bet, but to my surprise they egged him on (pun intended). After about 10 minutes of mulling it over, he went for it and stuffed it in his mouth. I tried to document the proceeding on my camera phone, but they came out pretty dark:

Here is the bet in question:

Here he is contemplating:

Here his mother offers some pointers:

Here he is going for it!

This is where I stopped taking photos, because the smile on his face as he chewed the nasty fish eggs disappeared into a pale grimace. Within seconds the roll came back out of his mouth along with some of the previous sushi rolls he ate earlier. He actually barfed right on the table in front of me (we referred to the act as Row Up!) and I felt like a true asshole! I gave him the $10 for his trouble, but mainly out of guilt.

Here he is a few minutes later; poor little squirt.

Luckily the vomiting did not stop him (or any of us) from having ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s 10 minutes later.

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