"I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek."
12:46 p.m. on August 30, 2006

We went to Wisconsin for the weekend to see Sasha’s family & to attend his high school reunion. I was worried that it was going to be too hot for me there, because I am a pampered little bitch with this mild Seattle weather & the mid west has been getting strangled by some extreme highs this summer. I was also hoping for a wee storm, because we just don’t get good ones here like other parts of the country. Well, the weather came through for me, but it also stabbed me in the back. In the area where we were visiting, they had the most spectacular storm. 10 tornadoes touched ground about 30 miles away. There was intense thunder and lightening, wicked downpours and even hail measuring 4 ½ inches. This all occurred one day BEFORE we got there. I was crushed. We did get lucky with some comfortable temperatures and everything looked so pretty after the rain deluge.

I have not been to any of my own high school reunions and I doubt that I ever will. Although I enjoyed my high school years way better than grade school (8 years in catholic school would make San Quentin look pretty good), I can’t say I missed it. Going to Sasha’s reunion gave me a glimpse into what it would be like without the anxiety & crushing self-doubt. Sasha did not know if he was going to know anyone there, he is not in touch with anyone from those days. When we got there, we had no idea what to expect. There was no real fan fair or special items like buttons with your yearbook photo; just a tag you scrawled your name on and stuck to your shirt.

There were kegs of beer, but no free alcohol for us non-beer drinking drinkers. Luckily it was held in a golf course club house that had a full bar. The drinks were only $3.50, which is standard cost for a drink in Wisconsin, but exactly HALF the cost of a drink in my neck of the woods, so this was good news.

Pretty immediately people came up to Sasha to say hello, but he had no idea who any of them were. This did not surprise me. Sasha has the memory of a gold fish. It was kind of cute watching him say: “OhhhhhHiiiiii” while he searched his brain hoping for any kind of recollection of a shared event with whomever he was talking.

After the 4th drink and one plate of crappy appetizers, I was ready to leave. We commandeered a table, but the 2 of us just sat there foolishly while we watched groups of old friends make a party out of all the other surrounding tables. Then something cool happened: A couple came running up to us and said that they were from Seattle and thought Sasha looked like Bill Gates. A lot of people say this about Sasha, which makes me mad, because Sasha is very handsome in comparison to the Microsoft super nerd:

I let the Bill comment slide, because the main issue was exciting:

“WEEEE’RE from Seattle, too!” was our response and a deep, meaningful friendship was forged. Suddenly our table began to grow with people Sasha also went to University with, so the memories were sharper and we had our own party going on.

Incidentally, and quite honestly of the couple from Seattle and our new best friends, the woman looked EXACTLY like Cheri Oteri who played the Spartan Cheerleader on SNL and the man looked EXACTLY like Detective Dangle from Reno 911!

Don’t tell them I said so.

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