S T I N K S !
2:41 p.m. on August 09, 2005

I canít say that the wedding went totally without incident, but any snafu that occurred was pretty minor. The biggest disaster was when that morning we realized that the refrigerator motor blew out 3 days earlier and the jam-packed grocery contents were well on their way to mass spoilage.

I was surprisingly calm even though we were having dozens of people over that night after the wedding as well as the next day for an open house. I called my brother & asked if he knew how to fix a refrigerator. The next thing I knew, he bought us a used one off the street as a quick-fix alternative. It was set up in the laundry room and our bridal party helped transfer the bacteria laden contents of the broken fridge to the one that could keep things cold and smell to a minimum.

Now that we are back from our trip, we realize what a blessing it is to have the other refrigerator in the laundry room. I really took it for granted having things kept cold and now know how much it would truly suck to be without this monumental convenience.

One trouble. During the transfer of the goods 18 days ago, someone left a bag of sea scallops sitting in a pool of muck in the lifeless freezer. They have since created the worst smell known to man. I have never smelled a worse smell in my whole life; it is worse than the devilís bottom after eating a dead cow. Even though I am miles away from home at the moment, I can STILL smell it and want to burn up my nose hair to rid myself of the horrid olfactory affront.

We tried scrubbing with abrasive cleansers, dumping pounds of baking soda, spraying cans Lysol, and dowsing it with pure extract of peppermint & it still reeks the smell of a thousand rotting moose vaginas.

The Sears guy is finally coming today to fix it and we are afraid he is going to charge us balloon fee for unnecessary suffering.

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