12:58 p.m. on April 09, 2008

I just realized I have been posting on this site for 4 years. I remember wondering if anyone would ever read it, let alone leave a comment. Now I have been put in touch with so many cool people and made friendships that have lasted that span of time and hopefully for many years to come. The internet is pretty neat.

Sasha needed to do some work for his boss last week, so I took vacation days and got to be a stay-at-home mom for awhile. It was so lovely to get Finn up every morning and have him smile and wiggle with such excitement to see me! He is such a joy; sometimes I will lie next to him on his blanket and just stare at him for hours.

I just got on TWITTER but I have no idea what the fuck I am doing on there. I have something to say, but usually only think of it during those last moments before sleeps sets in and I never take notes.

The sun came out for a second and scared me. I literally swung around in my office chair to see what that thing was behind me, stroking my back. Ah, a warm sunray.

Taking the elevator up to my 19th floor office is a perfect time to stretch and crack my back. If I bend straight down and touch my toes, the pressure helps make a satisfying pop as my vertebrae spread out again after sitting squashed at a desk all day. Of course today I was not expecting the doors to abruptly open on the 15th floor. This caused me to bolt upright and scare the bejeesus out of the awaiting passengers.

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