1:49 p.m. on June 16, 2005

I just got back from the Doctor. I was there for cosmetic reasons. You know those weird little knobs of skin that can grow on some people? You might see one hanging off of someone’s neck or armpit? They are called skin tags. Here is what I mean:

Well, I had one on the edge of my NOSTRIL. The Nostril on my NOSE. Hanging off like a damn BOOG. I went to the doctor to have him freeze it off with dry ice or something. Hurt like a mother. It is still there, because I guess it takes like a day for it to wither & fall off. I sure hope it does not happen in the middle of dinner.

He said there is a small chance it could become a blood blister. On the edge of my NOSTRIL on my damn NOSE which is on my FACE!

I am so sexy right now; I know you want to kiss me with your mouth open.

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