2:21 p.m. on December 21, 2005

Let me tell you about my job. 3 years ago, I was hired at this small healthcare dot com as the Human Resources Manager and Executive Assistant to the CEO. This quickly extended to me being the Executive Assistant to ALL of the Executives as well as me now being the office manager. This was not so bad, because there are not that many employees to field benefit questions from and we rarely had any turn over, so the long, drawn-out hire processes were few and far between. I still had plenty of opportunity to web surf and hang out in Diaryland.

In April 2005, the customer support person left and I offered to take over her job for a pay increase. This means that I also help cancer patients with their treatment options, help find answers to patient medical questions with assistance from the clinical team, retrieve passwords and troubleshoot any problems with our treatment tool. The hardest part is working with the families to unsubscribe a patient, because they lost the fight. This part can be overwhelming and I cry everyday.

Just before the merger, I also started helping out with recruitment for clinical trials, which is really hard and time consuming. Due to the fact that we are a very small company, any crap work that appears will fall directly onto my plate. One staff member recently put in his notice and on his resignation letter he said this about me: “If our company was a race car, you would be the entire pit crew. You keep this company on its wheels”.

Since merging with this big-ass company, the HR part of my job has really kicked into gear and I am totally freakingly stressed out. The holidays are supposed to be a laid back time of year, but I feel like I am being eaten alive.

One bright spot is that they now have some money and want to hire someone to take over my Executive Assisting duties. But guess who has to take care of the long, drawn-out hiring process?

I really like my company, and I really like my job(s), but BOY HOWDY! Am I exhausted!

Anyway, I am so happy about my upcoming 4-day weekend. I wrapped about 8 million gifts this week and took them to the post office to send to my family (it took 3 different trips to carry them all over), BUT I AM DONE!!! Sasha & I are leaving on Friday to escape to the snowy mountains by ourselves and to that I say a hearty halleluiah!!!

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