12:28 p.m. on October 28, 2005

My life consists of Mondays and Fridays. Luckily, today is a Friday and Halloween weekend, so I am giddy with sugar anticipation. It is also Sasha’s birthday weekend, which just makes it all the sweeter. It is no secret that I love Halloween and cannot let it slide without a party, so we are having a rager on Saturday; a TV themed costume party. We had a movie theme last year and I went as the girl from the ring:

You will just have to wait until Monday to see my television character costume.

We watched the remake of Amityville horror last night. All I remembered about the first one was the flies. I knew the remake would not be great, the people that made it need to be questioned on some of their choices, but I did like the scene with the finger through the bullet hole. Sasha had to suddenly leave the room during the scene involving the dog, how precious. A really good scary movie is almost impossible to find.

I have been sort of on edge lately and I think it might have something to do with the book I am reading, called A Million Little Pieces. It had an Oprah book club sticker on it but I tore it off because I choose what I read, not Oprah. I think there was some controversy about the author not wanting it to be an Oprah club book, but his publishers had other plans. Anyway, it is a good, true tale of addiction. At one point he is in rehab and needs to get a double root canal on his two front teeth, but he is not allowed to have painkillers, anesthesia or even Novocain. That just seems like the worst horror. Here is the excerpt:

What are your Halloween weekend plans?

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