12:27 p.m. on July 19, 2007

I have about a dozen other friends and acquaintances that are pregnant right now, all a few months ahead of me, including my best friend in Seattle. She is due at the end of August. This last weekend we went boating and swimming in the lake and she looked all cute in her maternity swim suit. Everything seemed all fine and good until yesterday morning. When I arrived in the parking garage at work, I got a text message that said: “My water broke at 5am, so I guess I was right; I’ll call you later, tee hee.” Right then and there, I had a brain embolism and shit my pants. I knew she would be able to give birth to a healthy baby despite it being premature by 5 weeks, but I also knew it could be extremely stressful and scary. Shaking, I hurried to my office and double checked the message; something was fishy. Why did she say “tee hee” and not “Fucking hell?!” What did she mean that she guessed she was right? There were no other messages from her. This is when I began to realize that it must be one of our other pregnant friends who was actually due about now, but why would she text me like that (I never get texts and did not know any of the other ladies had my cell #) and why did she not sign off with her damn name?!?!

I contacted my friend and she indeed was NOT in labor. I calmed down, but my head throbbed.

Then I checked my work email and there was a complaint from one of our lung cancer patients. She got screwed by an error on our part and was upset and felt taken advantage of after everything else she has been going through with suffering from this deadly disease. I felt we needed to do something to make it up to her, but the person who made the error was super callous about the whole thing and just said: “tell her we’re sorry” and that was it. I found this really fucked up, because we are supposed to be compassionate and be helping these people, not making the little time they have left even worse.

On top of this, my Grandpa is very sick and not long for this world, which is really difficult.

This is when I just grabbed my backpack and went home. I did not want to start crying at work and it did not seem like the day was going to get better.

It took all my strength to get out of bed this morning and come into work, but I did and now I wish to god I didn’t. As soon as I came into work I had an email from one of my contacts at the big corporation that bought our company 2 years ago. The email said today was her last day. HUH? My company is being audited, and she was in charge of it, so I emailed her inquiring what was happening with that. The next thing I know I am receiving a call from a lady at the auditor’s office with the news that apparently I am now in charge of this audit. THE FUCK???

Sasha & I are going to Whistler, BC this weekend to celebrate our anniversary (8 years since we met, 3 since we wed), and I can really use the R&R. …of course, the forecast is rain…

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