10:46 a.m. on July 10, 2007

It is funny how much camping has changed now that we are old. It used to consist of getting drunk on vodka mixers and dancing around the campfire. Now we cook a nice dinner over open flame, play one game of dice and are off to bed.

We had a lovely time, but I will not be sleeping in a tent again while in this condition. It may have been too soon after falling down the stairs and too late into my pregnancy, because good lord was I uncomfortable. We did not get an air mattress. I looked for one too late and went to Big 5 right before we left town. Big 5 sucks ass, by the way. The only air bed they had was for $29 and did not come with an air pump. That was an extra $29. The cheap in me won out, so we just piled up a bunch of blankets and mats. This helped as I did not feel the rocks under me, but it was still like sleeping on the floor without the give of a soft mattress. I was comfortable on my side for about 30 minutes, but then major discomfort would set in and I would have to roll over, which was quite painful to my back. This made it hard to sleep, because every 30 minutes like clockwork, I would need to rotate like a slow roasting chicken on a spigot. Then every hour I would need to go pee, and let me tell you, getting up off the ground and out of the tent was damn near impossible, especially under the desperate guise of a full bladder. I was so grateful when morning arrived.

There were bear in the area, but we did not see any. We even left some crackers and beer out for them, but nothing. I was even disappointed in the other wildlife for not partaking in our offering. Guess we should have instead left out the bacon burgers…

We camped at Baker Lake, which is a huge and glorious lake beneath Mount Baker. They drain the lake once a year to allow it to fill up with crisp runoff from the melting snow atop the giant mountain. We had brought the boat, which was a good move. Sitting on the boat in the middle of this vast, green lake surrounded by snowy mountains completely evaporated all my stress and worry.

Sun glasses, baseball cap and 100 coats of SPF 40 kept me safe from the ultraviolet rays:

Sasha was in his element:

We got back late Sunday evening and I was happily asleep in my comfy bed by 8:30 pm.

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