3:59 p.m. on May 21, 2007

Sasha bought a boat.

Donít get all excited. It is a Bayliner from like the 70ís or something. Pretty beat up, but was one of those things you could not pass up because the price was dirt cheap and a friend helped a lot by paying for the tune up and life jackets.

With visions of water skiing, inner tubing, fishing and meandering through the Pacific Northwest waterways, they excitedly made the purchase on Friday afternoon and recruited another friend to help haul it back with his big truck. Before they even got it home, it started to rain and then it started to pour. The 3 of them endured the downpour for over an hour to try and get the thing all set up. All they wanted to do was put it in the water to see if it floats, but then the night fell, too.

It has remained sat in our driveway like it crashed into our house, covered in tarps to the thwart the rainfall, which had barely stopped since.

Sorry Seattle, but with this boat purchase, it means it is going to rain until bleeping Labor Day!

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