Big bird & boats
4:25 p.m. on July 18, 2005

Yesterday while we were scrambling to get everything done for the party coming up, I was spraying the cobwebs off the side of the house, being careful not to murder the spiders themselves. I do not need any bad spider juju jinx. I looked up and saw a hawk making lazy circles in the sky and I smiled to myself; I am collecting good omens like the shooting star I saw the previous night. I continued with the cleaning and then looked up again just in time to see a mythic creature flying about 50 yards above me, swooping into the trees. It was a tannish gray, 4 times bigger than the hawk I had just seen, with a wingspan taller than me. I screamed: “What the hell is that?” but of course there was no one else around. I dropped the hose and ran to the front of the house to get a better look, as it gracefully flew passed the trees and out of site. I was dumbstruck and frozen where I stood for a good five minutes. The nearest I can tell from my bird book, it was an Osprey. It says they can get a wingspan of up to 5.6 feet, but this was at least 7 feet across with a furry seal shaped body and small head.

Only two more work day’s left until I am off until August. YES! Once we survive the wedding party, we are off to the Canadian Rockies to hopefully see a bear. Of course all hell is breaking loose at work and I was even invited to hobnob with some big wiggy clients tonight on a dinner cruise. I have a bajillion things to do and have a serious distaste for hobnobbing, but I did not think it wise to decline & I was actually pleased to be included. Let’s just hope the bar is open & free flowing.

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