Give me ambiguity or give me something else
11:42 a.m. on April 15, 2005

Everyday when I am waking up, the first thing I ask the world is: “is it Friday”? More often than not, the answer is no, but today the answer was a resounding YES!

Sasha is one of the sweetest human beings on earth. He is super nice and never has a harsh word to say about anyone. This is good and bad. He likes and gets along with everyone in all walks of life, whereas I personally do not care for very many people.

When one such friend of his found out we were buying a house a year and half ago, his first thought was: “Great! I can park my motorcycle in your driveway while I move to New Mexico”. Sasha, of course thought this was a fine idea, despite my screaming out loud about it in public.

A few days ago Sasha told me the motorcycle friend was in town with a U-Haul, ready to take the motorcycle with him. Again I screamed, but this time with glee. After a year and half, I would finally be rid of the hideous machine. He said he would take us out to a nice dinner on Thursday and finally remove the greasy contraption from the front yard. This plan then mutated to him coming over to our house & throwing some burgers on the barbecue. Then it changed to Sasha meeting him for a beer & some sandwiches & then later on he would stop by to get the bike. Sasha did meet him for a beer (of which Sasha paid for himself), but left with no sandwich. The guy was supposed to call us when he was on his way to get the bike. We waited. No call. The bike still sits in our front yard & they are supposed to head back to New Mexico today. If it is still in my yard when I get home tonight, I am totally leaving it on the interstate onramp with a FREE sign.

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