Bits & Pieces
2:14 p.m. on March 29, 2005

The weather is freaking me out. It is going from no rain to crashing rain to drizzly to no rain to pouring rain at any given second. You hear nothing, then you hear crashing then you hear nothing then it sounds like the roof is going to cave in from the downpour. The clouds have gone all schizophrenic on me. I guess March is going out like a lion, because it was sunny & spring-like 2 weeks ago. Oops, there goes the thunder. Now if only the power would go out, I could leave work and enjoy the manic atmosphere.

My sister
and her husband visited us for the Easter weekend; they took the train from Northern California. I was sad to see them leave; it was nice to have some girl time with her. We had a lot of fun eating good food and shooting the shit Plus, we played poker with them and some other friends of theirs and I kicked all of their butts. This is especially awesome, because her husband was the one who taught us to play Texas Holdem a year ago and he goes to actual tournaments and stuff. Sometimes you just keep getting the right cards, also, I chose not to go “all-in” on a pair of 4’s like I did last year..

I got some good news in the form of a promotion. The weird girl at work is quitting, so they offered me her job plus my job for a lot more cash. They are expanding that department, so I will get to hire my own team and will get another raise when that occurs. YES! It was exactly what I was wishing for, I am so happy. I needed a pay increase and thought the only way I could get it would be to find another job. Now maybe I can finally start digging myself out of my huge debt.

Ope! The sun is out now. What the heck?!

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