12:22 p.m. on March 19, 2007

A friend was taking me to the shuttle, but dropped me off on the wrong side of the street from the shuttle stop. I had to run across 4 lanes of traffic. I could see that the 3 nearest lanes were clear, but not for long. I could not see the 4th lane, so I made a run for it only to see that a car was approaching fast in the 4th lane with more behind it, so I better not go across. I paused to turn back, but as soon as I turned my head I could see that I was standing in the second lane and a car was careening toward me at 60 miles an hour. It was too late. I was going to be tragically run over, brains spread across the road. A millisecond before the collision, my eyes popped open and I woke up. A dream.

I hate it when they do this to you in movies, but this is exactly how it felt. One moment of understanding that my life was over with not even any time to elevate my heart rate or flash my history before my eyes and in another moment I was spared.

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