Business casual
9:38 a.m. on April 25, 2005

My current place on employment allows for casual dress. This is the best thing in the world to me, because I have experienced the opposite. My last job had me wearing pantyhose every damn day. This made my feet very unhappy, not to mention extremely smelly. This was like having to get dressed up for an event everyday. Each morning I would go through the horrid ritual and desperate act of piecing together an appropriate skirt, blouse, jacket combo always resulting in a mental breakdown and me screaming: “What am I going to WEAR!?”

Wearing whatever I want everyday decreases my anxiety ten-fold and increases my comfort level monumentally.

When I was interviewed for that city job, it had great pay & benefits, but the requirement for business attire was a true turn-off. The ladies interviewing me used the fact that they had “Casual Fridays” as one of their main selling points. Does anyone actually like wearing a suit EVERYDAY?

Some of the offices near my work obviously call for business attire, because I am always running into the suits in the parking lot. I will often see 20 something folk slumped in the smoking area, with their tie strangling them as they sweat through their suit coat.

Why is this necessary attire?

It is nice to get dressed up every once and awhile, but every friggin day? I mean, sure, you look better, but does it help you do your data entry job any better?

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