10:19 a.m. on September 19, 2005

It was another perfect weekend. We went car camping with another couple, the last of the season. Our friend T found a lovely spot called Horseshoe Cove near Mount Baker. It was a very spacious campsite with tons of trees near a picturesque lake; it was nice to feel alone in the woods in a beautiful setting.

Car camping is very different from the type of camping you do when you are hiking. It is basically filling up your car with as many household conveniences as you can and bringing them in to the woods. We basically ate the entire time. We did make food on the fire and had a pretty delicious meal using only foil to cook corn on the cob, cowboy potatoes and sausage:

We had Jiffy Pop popcorn, birthday cake for T and snacked into the wee hours while playing dice games & dominoes via lamplight.

We thought it was going to be cold up by the mountain, but it was actually quite pleasant. We layered the floor of our tent with 4 foam mats and two think blanks and covered our sleeping bags with 2 more thick blankets. My pillow from home and one sleeping pill guaranteed a restful night sleep.

When we got up, we cooked eggs & toast had hot cereal, bananas & coffee. T was trying to light his girlfriend’s camp stove to heat the water for coffee, but there was something wrong with it and it would not light. He got out a screwdriver to troubleshoot it. His girlfriend asked him not to mess with it, but he could not help it. He finally got it to expel some liquid fuel and light, but the whole thing caught fire and looked like it was going to explode. Instead of helping to quash the flame, I laughed hysterically and took photos.

Luckily we all survived. We finished the day by lying in the sun by the lake and playing more dice games; we could not have asked for a better time.

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