Car Karma
11:41 a.m. on February 08, 2005

My little car accident on Friday may have been caused by some bad car karma (kar carma?) I created for myself on Thursday. I went to retrieve my car from the garage after work and some arrogant fucktard had totally parked me in. A Silver VW Jetta had parked so far over the little white line I could barely open my driver side door, let alone, get inside my own car. I did not know what to do since the lock on my passenger side door had jammed some weeks ago and I could not even reach in my car to unlock the back doors. There was no way for me to find out whose car this was, since this public garage is used by hundreds of people within a half-mile radius. I clenched my fists and gargled obscenities and stamped my feet. I decided to try and un-jam my passenger side door, which I luckily was able to do after 15 excruciating minutes. Now it was just a matter of climbing over from the passenger side to the drivers’ side without causing myself pain and injury. By the time I scooted all the way over and was now able to get out of that god-forsaken garage, I was so furious, steam was pouring out the top of my head. My only thought was that this thoughtless Jetta owner deserved some retribution, so I funneled my rage and acted. I opened my led-lined door and with all of my might, I slammed it into the Jetta’s door. I only had a few inches of momentum, so I slammed it again and then again. The dent was small, but satisfying and totally worth the karmic disparity.

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