9:48 a.m. on May 10, 2006

The extraordinary BettyFord has reversed tagged me to post about things I collect. I am not much of a collector, but here are some things that I like and have a lot of that may fall into the category of a collection:

In my sad, old age, I have taken to having a lot of hanging things and yard stuff:

I also like and have a lot of stars, especially blue stars:

I probably have about a billion magnets, here is a sample:

I have many postcards and photos and used to plaster every inch of my walls with images, mainly of people staring; it was enough to turn anyone into a paranoid schizophrenic:

Probably the thing that I have collected the longest is super balls; I had close to a thousand at one time, of every size and color. They have whittled down to a few dozen and are now mainly just scattered around the house. Many moons ago I had lived in an apartment atop a steep hill in San Francisco where I had a large fish bowl filled with balls. When I was moving out of that apartment to go on an extended trip to England, my brother and I dumped that bowl of balls out my second story window and watched them bounce, bounce, bounce down the steep street in a super ball tidal wave over cars and pedestrians. It was wicked awesome.

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