11:51 a.m. on June 15, 2006

Meet my new lover:

That’s Craig Newmark, uber-geek creator of Craigslist and my hero. He said he created the site just to help people and not to charge money for every little thing that gets posted. Although he is comfortable, he does not want to be a bazillionaire because of all the security personnel you would then need around you all the time.

The last 2 people that we hired at my company we got because I placed free ads on Craigslist. I have also sold 2 cars and bought 1 car via free ads on the site and Sasha is trying to sell his old truck right now.

Here is an add I just saw on the list in the Missed Connections section:
SUSAN ANDERSEN, the daughter you gave up needs to find you
Looking for Susan Andersen who gave her daughter up for adoption on June 13th 1971. If anyone knows her would you please reply to this message. I am that daughter.


So, Thank you, Craig Newmark, you help all of us…well except maybe newspapers that would have charged me hundreds of dollars for ads I place with you for free.

In further news, Sasha is a bit of a pack rat. He loves to bring home found objects swearing he will find a use for them, but inevitably crap just piles up in and around the house. Last night he came home with this 4-foot high piece of yard art:

I actually like it, but when we move, this baby is going on Craigslist!

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