10:57 a.m. on July 20, 2006

eHarmony, the website that helps you find your true love, has new commercials out that have an extreme emphasis on helping you to find someone that wont try to change you or keep you from watching Monday night football. This got me wondering about what kind of questions do they ask you to help you to find such a person. I stumbled upon another blog wondering the same thing, but in a much more hilarious fashion.

I decided to check it out. It took me about 90 minutes to complete all the questions. Here is a sample of the True or False part of the LONG questionnaire:

1. I enjoy many different types of recreational activities. TRUE
2. I always read ALL of the warning literature on side-effects before taking any medication. FALSE
3. I sometimes drive faster than the posted speed-limit. TRUE
4. If a store-clerk gave me too much change, I might keep it without telling them. TRUE
5. I generally want to come out ahead. TRUE
6. I frequently have to work to overcome my shyness. TRUE
7. I like some people just because they are popular with others. FALSE
8. I dislike some people. SO TRUE
9. I never worry about work-related issues. FALSE
10. I sometimes waste time when I should be working. VERY VERY TRUE
11. I would never lie, even if it wouldn't hurt anyone. FALSE
12. I do not give as much to charity as I could afford to financially. FALSE
13. At times I have raised my voice in anger. TRUE
14. I don't care what other people think about me. FALSE
15. I am sometimes tempted to make fun of people behind their backs. OH GOD YES!
16. There are times when I am envious of other people's possessions. SURE
17. My house is often cleaner when I have company coming over. THAT IS THE ONLY TIME IT IS CLEAN
18. I sometimes wish that certain other people would fail. FALSE…ER…TRUE…UM…FALSE
19. I am always even-tempered. ALWAYS!

Here are what all of my answers say about me, which I do not entirely agree with:

In relationships:
Cloudy tends to be an objective, careful evaluator of situations.
Cloudy is a dependable and caring partner.
Cloudy is good at reconciling (i.e. doesn't tend to sulk after a conflict is resolved).

The four things your friends say about you are:
Good listener

Three of your BEST life-skills
Using humor to make friends laugh
Maintaining a network of close friends
Being a good friend and companion

So, according to eHarmony, my dream match is this guy named Sharry, there are parts in here he wrote himself:

Below are some of the important interests that you and Sharry share:
Foreign Films

The one thing Sharry is most passionate about:

Care - People _ Love - World _ Everyday - Who I am _ what I do - my checkbook _ homeless in belltown where I live, I need to have some more space to express them all :)))

The three things which Sharry is most thankful for:
A beautiful smile
For being willing to constantly change and evolve.
BIG Fs (family&friends)

Following are 3 Relationship Strengths from Sharry's Personality Profile:
Sharry tends to be very goal-oriented.
Sharry is a dependable and caring partner.
Sharry is very respectful of the needs and wants of other people.

The most influential person in Sharry's life has been:

I had sport'scholarship and through all my academic years at universities or even prior to that, came across wonderful trainers of all manners, from red necks all the way without having any necks, OH !!!!!!! just name it. I have learned wonderful things from them all which I cherish everyday.

Sharry's friends describe him as:

Three of Sharry's best life-skills are:
Finding and taking on challenging activities
Finding pleasure and contentment in simple things
Maintaining an organized life

The most important thing Sharry is looking for in a person is:

I am looking to meet someone who is absolutely fab, a fellow spiritual seeker who loves the adventure of truly Being alive. Simple things in life . . . know how to love like you've never been hurt. . . . are kind of complete in herself and her desired relationship because it brings an aspect of unique joy that compliments your own. Do I have it completely together? OH it's a everyday thing (effort), I would probably say absolutely not, however am open and extremely flexible for wonderful open-end conversations.

The first thing you'll probably notice about Sharry when you meet him:

Probably my accent.I have a slightly mix of,[when I was growing up had the privilege to live,school and then work in different part of our little globe which practicaly you realize how small it is],however, I have inherited some of Ingemar's at IKEA mostly vocals and some South African Dutch in my linguistic blood.

The one thing Sharry wishes MORE people would notice about him is:

I need to make up one :)

Sharry typically spends his leisure time:

Enjoy reading,workingout,music,arts,sports,home.I have another masters which is in psychology and I do volunteer for whenever life would allow.

The things Sharry can't live without are:
Sunkist Tuna Fish with Lemon
Good Company

The last book Sharry read and enjoyed:

The Psychoanalysis of Organisations-Behaviour Groups/ By Robert Board. I think the ineteresting portion was the relationship between these analysis and the work carried out in groups and organisation in our society. BORING :(

One thing that only Sharry's best friends know is:

Infinite Loyalty

Some additional information Sharry wanted you to know is:

"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy,practice compassion"--I think our minds are dangerous neighborhoods we should not go into alone:) Can you withstand the tempests of love&Life?Hmmm, I don't add to people burdens hope you don't either. Abundance is everywhere, especially in my heart. In this life, friends are good, lovers are better, mates are best. SO BE BOLD and ,,,,, My native languages are swedish and farsi.

THANKS, eHARMONY! But I think I will stick with the dude I met at the pool hall.

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