But we're so far from home
3:09 p.m. on May 09, 2008

During one of my long, slow drives to work in the morning traffic, I was suddenly able to pick up pace to almost a whole 40 miles an hour, when WHAM! An object smashed my windshield. Not one of those handy little knot holes they can magically disappear for like 20 bunks in the parking lot of Costco, but a full-on crack across exactly half of the windshield and growing one inch per day. I called around and it will cost over $200 bucks to fix, not to mention it will take my time which is priceless.

We had to take Finn to the Craniofacial specialist today. I had noticed a lump on the left side of his neck a few months ago and when I took him to the pediatrician to have it checked out, she recommended we go to Children’s hospital to see a specialist. Children's hospital is CRAZY! It is super big and you feel a little like cattle, yet surrounded by bright, happy colors and sick kids. Since the doctor was a craniofacial specialist, she was more preoccupied by his head shape and a flat spot he has in the back. She diagnosed him with a head anomaly that is common with premies and she said it should normal out soon, but no more plopping him on his back under his jungle Gym which is his favorite thing in the world. I am like, OK, but what about the fucking lump? Then she said he could use some physical therapy because his head has a noticeable tilt to the left. I am like, OK, but what about the fucking lump? "Oh That? That is just a lymph node. Sometimes they get a lump if they are working out some germs."

I was relieved, but also annoyed because I asked my pediatrician this EXACT same thing, using those EXACT same words and all she said was that it mmmmmmmcooooooooould beeeeeeee. Oh well. Better safe than sorry, yadda yadda. And Finn behaved like a champ. He was so funny. It was like he was performing for the doctor and her resident, both cute girls. He was also diagnosed as a Good Looking Kid, but of course!

This Sunday will be my very first Mother’s day as an honest-to-goodness mother. I was so worried it was going to suck, that I secretly made brunch reservations in case my husband forgot to make any plans. The restaurant narked me out by calling the house to confirm and Sasha figured it out. Oh well, Surprise honey, you are taking me and the baby to brunch!

I still do not feel like someone’s mother and mother’s day is another reminder that my own mother is no longer around. Being a motherless mother on my very first mother’s day is going to feel pretty weird indeed.

And now for the coolest weather phenomena on earth.


This "dirty thunderstorm" was created by Chile's erupting Chaitén volcano, which started spewing lava, ash, and lightning (!) on May 3rd, after behaving itself for 9,000 years. The devil is escaping!

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