Fine Points
12:11 p.m. on April 08, 2005

It seriously pisses me off when I let someone merge in front of me in traffic & they do NOT give me one of those little hand waves of thanks in the rear view mirror. If someone is with it enough to give me one of those waves when I so graciously let them cut in front of me, it pleases me to no end and makes me feel like I am really doing something good in this world.

My car battery died after I left my lights on. That was the final straw, so I finally got a cell phone (thank you for all the words of advice). No more quarters and germ-laden pay phones for me. I got a credit card sized flip phone, so when I have a frustrating conversation, I can snap the phone closed like they do on soap operas.

Sasha is out of town for the weekend, so my heart hurts. I must really love him, because I got so sad when he left. I have no problem with being alone, in fact one of my happiest times was when I lived by myself, but I miss having his sweetness around and the constant sound of gunfire from the X-BOX.

Rosie O’Donnell has a blog.

I made a film, click here to view.

I stole the film idea from Disco, who I think stole it from someone else. Now it is your turn to make one.

It is Friday. YEEEEEEEEEEE!!

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