Mind your Bidnezz
11:42 a.m. on July 13, 2005

We have a communal kitchen at my work, filled with free foods. This is a great benefit, but I never like preparing a meal for myself or grabbing a snack when any one else is in there, because they will inevitably have something to say about it. If I want to use Mayonnaise on my turkey sandwich, that is my prerogative and I do not need to have the fat content listed out for me, thank you very much. If I am heating up a pop tart, for instance, I have had the experience of several people spouting their opinion to each other that they would never eat such a processed food item, especially with so much sugar and additives.

I choose unpopular times to eat breakfast and lunch, so I can prepare my food in peace and I choose to eat at my desk. I will sneak in when the kitchen is empty of people and quickly put together some lunch or heat a breakfast burrito. Today we had fresh bagels that I was helping myself to when suddenly a barrage of people came piling into the kitchen just as I was slathering on the cream cheese. They instantly made my breakfast the main topic of conversation: “Ew. Major Carb no-no”, “Cream cheese is terrible for your cholesterol”, “I would love a bagel, but I am going to be good”.

I practically growled as I bolted out of there to the solace of my cubicle.

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