Octavia's Friday:
10:43 p.m. on 2006-04-01
Whilst they all had their ears up against the wall, I was too distracted with all the implications involved in the hardest button you could ever button.

Somewhere along the line, honesty has a time.
And it is now time for honesty.
I have barely had time for diaryland recently. I have barely written an entry and have not been reading my buddies entries.

Which is why, -after a sudden urge to write about something, anything in diaryland- I was most confused when I saw the little link to add an entry to coldandgray's dland. And as I clicked onto her main page, I began to realise why I had so often seen her name in red.
So that my friends, is an explanation. But I must add a little apology too.
*waves to coldandgray* I am a dumbass. Sorry for not commenting and so forth.

3. Post one photograph that best sums up your entire life.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

And perhaps, it does not sum up my entire life exactly...but it does indeed some up where I was at, last night at 2am. Absorbed in drawing (Tryimg to improve through imitation, etc).

Guest entry by ironic-lips.

...Coldandgray is totally going to delete this. Sorry for being so bad at guest entries. *hangs head in shame*

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