9:34 a.m. on April 17, 2006

My teenage niece and nephew (sister’s daughter, brother’s son) are visiting me for part of Spring break. I am at work today giving them an unsupervised day, because I loved being on my own when I was their age.

Anyway, I thought I would tell you about Gay Bingo which is a real thing.

Another friend is getting married, so for her bachelorette party we went to Gay Bingo.

What is Gay Bingo? Here is a description from the website:

“Your $20 ticket gets you 10 games of Gay Bingo, with cash prizes of $100 each. Once you’re at the Gay Bingo Palace, there are also opportunities to purchase additional games for chances to win fabulous gift certificates to local restaurants and retail stores, as well as a chance at the $1,000 Blackout Jackpot!

Costumes! Every Gay Bingo has a new theme, and everyone is encouraged to dazzle up for the night! Go all out and maybe you’ll end up in the spotlight with GLAMAZONIA!

Drag Queens and Celebrities! Your hostesses for Gay Bingo are the ever-fabulous GLAMAZONIA and her super-sweet sidekick Miss Intermission! Assisting them with verifying winners are the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Abbey of St. Joan, each Sister a character in her own right!”

Since we were there for a special event, we paid an extra $10 to get pizza, cupcakes & one free drink, plus extra 10 games of bingo. I do not know if I recommend this. Having a total of 20 bingo games to play each round was nerve racking, because they call the numbers very fast and it is hard to check that many off at once. I was STRESSING!

The special theme for the night was 80’s night. This was right up my alley, but I did not know about the dressing up part until the last minute, so I did not have the proper attire. I did not really know the other ladies at our table, but luckily my good friend Aimee was with me. I did dress how I pretty much did dress in the 80’s, which was a lot of black, but most everyone had huge hairspray hair and looked really good. The winner of the costume contest was dressed like Adam Ant.

The bride-to-be at our table won the first game and she donated half her winnings to the event, since all the proceeds go to an AIDS charity. I was sort of alarmed that if I won I would be expected to be charitable in front of 900 people. I am not cause-oriented, but if I was, AIDS would be my #2 cause. I did not win anyway, but hopefully some of the $$$ I spent on alcohol went to the charity.

The theme for next months Gay Bingo is THE GOLDEN GIRLS!

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