Ladies Night
2:38 p.m. on June 20, 2005

Even though Sasha & I eloped to Las Vegas last summer, we are having a reenactment this summer for our friends and family. It seems crazy, but man, I love to throw a good party. This last Saturday, my friend threw me a girl’s night party; I am still recovering. She outdid herself and we had ourselves a mighty fine time. There was special punch, margaritas, cosmopolitans & a shooter called The Chocolate Cake shot. We had lots of snacks, chocolate, lots of good food and more chocolate.

The conversation ran the gambit of menstruation, kegel exercises, penis lips, Tom Cruise grossing us out, boobs and when we first figured out what sex was.

The power had gone out mysteriously in the neighborhood right before all the guests arrived. This worried the hostess, but I love power outages & it never usually happens to me. We spent the evening outside anyway until it got dark and then we huddled inside around candlelight and told ghosts stories. The power company had perfect timing and the electricity was restored at 11:30 pm, just in time for the dance party portion. I invented a new dance, called “kick ass”. This consists of kicking people in the ass and was a lot of fun for me (it is quite energetic, because you can do high kicks, side kicks, double kicks and karate kicks). It turns out it is not as much fun for the kickee, so I was asked to stop the kicking, but spanking was permitted and much of that was had by all.

As the dancing continued, the party whittled down until there was just 3 of us left. We kept doing chocolate cake shots, which literally taste like chocolate cake. It was one of those situations where someone would say: “just one more” about 20 times. This is one of those loved filled moments, where you are having so much fun and enjoying your friends so much. Finally it was apparent that the night must end, that 9 hours of straight partying was enough.

I am super impressed with myself for somehow being able to work the phone and call for a cab and somehow told the cab my address. I got home by 3am and tried to pry my contacts out of my head. I got one out & the other may have already been out, because I could not find it. I gave up and carefully got in to bed and did not move the entire night.

When I woke up, I was suffering the hurt of a thousand blows to the head. I could barely move. I could not even drink water to take an aspirin. I finally puked by late afternoon and made it out of bed to the couch. It was 4:30 pm before I could eve think of eating or drinking or speaking. And that is what I call: GOOD TIMES!

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