4:25 p.m. on October 30, 2006

This last Saturday we held our annual Halloween costume party where we pick a theme, guests dress accordingly and can be awarded a prize. It was another successful event and a totally good time. Sasha’s birthday is the day before Halloween, so we have been doing a costume party birthday for about 7 years now.

Our friend Scott, who moved away last year, even flew back all the way from California to attend. We started off celebrating with Scott on Friday night, as it was also his birthday, with Thai dinner and Cupcake Royale. The giddiness and delight of that evening was quickly squashed on the drive home when we accidentally ran over and killed a raccoon. It was a sick moment and I hoped was not a bad ju-ju on the rest of the weekend. It wasn’t for us, but I still feel badly for the poor raccoon family who will never be the same.

This years theme was Outer Space, which included NASA, interplanetary space, science fiction ideas & characters, space aliens, space theory, astronomy, space travel and just about anything you can think of that will take you off planet earth.

There is much preparation and anxiety. The most difficult moment is the 45 minutes before guests arrive that is filled with simultaneous last minute decorating, food preparation, the mixing of the blood donor punch and the donning of our own costumes, wig and make-up. We had so much food, including a chili station complete with homemade star shaped corn bread.

I went as a shooting star by wearing a tinsel dress I constructed, a tinsel wig I bought, silver make-up and a giant silver star on the top of my head and lots of glitter. I looked more like a star witch xmas tree, but I enjoyed it. Sasha went as a Martian wearing a red outfit and covering his face with a red cloth & having a giant eyeball jutting from his head.

Slowly guests started to arrive, first was a couple who were dressed as the sun and the moon. Next came a gorgeous Yeoman Janice Rand from Star Trek, a sexy Apollo from Battlestar Galactica and my favorite: SPACE GHOST!

Then Captain Kirk showed up with the Time Traveler from the WG Wells book accompanied by the solar system who wore a regal purple cape and costume with all the planets and the sun surrounding him. There was another shooting star, but with a different take. She went the gold route and held a bow that literally shot stars. We also had the black hole who was dressed all in black with little pieces of junk and garbage glued to him getting sucked into the blackness. Pluto, the dwarf planet was represented by a friend dressed as homeless person complete with tin cup and cardboard sign that read: I used to be a planet, can you spare some change? She brought cookies with her that she made that looked exactly like witches fingers.

Next arrived the most elaborate costume of the evening: Space Robot. He was dressed in a silver robot shaped box complete with special light effects, a voice distorter, an LCD screen read RESISTANCE IS FUTILE and a straw so he could drink his beverage. His companion was a cool, green alien girl. Another alien arrived a bit later who was also green, but sported a giant brain on top of his head.

Our friend brought her 4 year old son who told her she should be Zero from Nightmare before Christmas, because he floats & that is like space. So she did & he dressed as Jack Skellington in a really well-done homemade costume.

We had a super cute space cowgirl, but you can call her Maurice. We had a couple more characters from Battlestar Galactica & a few more that I am not too sure what they were, but looked great and got into the spirit of the evening.

We had a democratic voting process and prizes were awarded and then I could finally relax and chill.

Next year we may do a horror theme.

Today is Sasha’s actual birthday, so let’s wish for him another good year.

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