3:52 p.m. on December 01, 2006

My lovely little snow day turned treacherous! Against my better judgment I went to work on Monday because I did not want to puss out. Another snow storm hit in the evening while I was still at work, which I knew would mean that traffic would be a growling bear. It was that and then some. It took me one hour to get just 10 blocks away from work; traffic was crawling at less than a mile per hour. Things started to look up when I hit a main drag and was able to go a whopping 10 miles per hour, but then my heart leapt into my mouth when suddenly the road turned to thick, slippery ice and I was still only a 3rd of the way home. I tried to get back on a main road, but everything was frozen solid at this point. Cars were spinning out in front of me and I was so scared.

I tried to avoid going up or down any hills, but there was one downhill stretch I could not avoid. I moved slowly with the other cars and then the car ahead of me started to slide into the other lane. T o my absolute horror, I began to slide with him. I have never driven in these kinds of conditions in my whole life. I was terrified of getting stuck which would royally screw up all the traffic piling up behind me. Then an extra long city bus began to jack knife right next to me, everyone was helpless. I slipped all the way down that hill, nary in control, like I was on a god damn giant slip-and-slide. By some miracle, I did not hit any cars or get stuck in a ditch. It took me a total of two and half hours to get home. When I finally pulled into my driveway I screamed out with high pitched relief, I could not believe I made it. I felt very lucky, because I had later heard that it took some people over 4 hours to get home, many people just abandoned their cars and walked home. For those unfortunate souls who had to drive back to Portland after the football game, it would take them EIGHTEEN hours to get home that night. We are not accustomed to this kind of weather and this ice storm took everyone by surprise, especially the Department of Transportation.

By Tuesday morning my neighborhood was a virtual sheet of ice. I had to make the decision if I was going to try and make it in to work where I had some important projects to finish, or stay home where it was safe. I stayed home, of course, daring my boss to call me a pussy. Sasha & I bundled up on the couch with soup and cocoa and all the required coziness being snowed in called for.

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