Sweet Dreams
3:52 am on 04.05.06
Why I'm not doing this in my own journal is odd, but I wanted to try this new feature - and waking up in a cold sweat from a dream that hasn't haunted me since my youth seems like a perfect time.

So the dream - I would have it as a child over and over again and it is my worst fear.

The dream started with me living in some strange woman's house with a friend of mine. The woman had a party and I decided to leave with most of my important belongings after seeing how her guests treated the property. I grabbed everything that I could not bear to live without, threw it in my car and drove off.

I was driving, looking for a grocery store downtown somewhere and I ended up taking a wrong turn. I found myself on an overpass that, after bending around a curve, truncated over water. I managed to stop - teetering off the edge high above the water. I thought "It's finally happened, the dream came true."

I eased the car into reverse but it was futile. The car lurched forward enough to send me off the edge. I fell in slow motion, exaggerating the fear I felt about hitting the bottom. I promised myself I would make it out of the car when it hit, and I would save my mother who I suddenly felt was in the passenger seat.

The car hit the water and immediately sank. Unlike the dreams of my childhood I was in the river, and not Lake Michigan. I could see my car beneath the water and dove down to rescue my mother who had never really been there. With that burden lifted, I decided to grab a metal trunk of my belongings and swam to shore.

I was in the bowels of the city - the concrete lined subterranean world that few know of and even fewer have first hand knowledge of. I was surprised to see that someone had a dank office in a secluded corner. They seemed to be working intently even though a car had fallen out of the sky right in front of their open air office "window". I asked for the nearest phone and the person pointed me to a phone that had been wired into an office phone system from the world above. There was a trick to working the phone that I was not in a position to handle with the clearest of minds. I went back to clarify the directions but my savior was occupied with a group orgy. Ah, the perks of working for yourself.

I was determined to figure out this phone - I needed help, damnit - so I did. I called my father who seemed to know where I was from my vague recollections of streets I had ventured onto. He was on his way.

I settled along a concrete embankment, mourning the loss of my personal items and observing subterranean life. Two thuggish looking men came up to me and told me my dad was looking for me and that he was crossing the river to meet me. They were kind and a bit timid toward me, I had the feeling that they wanted to help me, amazed that I had survived the fall and moreso that I seemed to be relaxed in this alternative world. They were respectful.

I rushed up to find my father. We had driven a few blocks before I realized that I had forgotten the few personal items I had recovered from the car. I pleaded with my father to take me back and he finally obliged, understanding that it was the little I had left out of everything that was important to me.

When we got back I tried to wrangle everything together. My thug angels appeared to tell me the cops were there to look for me. Suddenly I got nervous - remembering that among my posessions was an old bong from high school that I've never been able to throw away. I began to fear that somehow I would end up in trouble. I remembered also that before I left home I had opened a beer at the party and taken a sip before I left. Would the cops believe it was only a sip? Did that consitute "under the influence"? I looked at my thug buddies who looked willing to scurry me out of there. I didn't want to run, having done nothing wrong, but it was nice to have the option. The cops approached and I woke up.

In my childhood I would have this same dream - speeding along a raised highway above the water. My parents were driving of course but instead of stopping at the edge we drove right off at full speed. I would always wake up before the fall so it's comforting to have had this dream where everything worked out okay in the end.

Thanks Cloudy for letting me babble. I think I might be able to get back to sleep now...

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