11:34 a.m. on February 06, 2007

I had a perfect weekend spent in a log cabin with good friends. Sasha & I took Friday off work to drive to a special area just outside Seattle where bald eagles like to hunt for Salmon. We get to see them from time to time in the city area and it always feels like good luck, but it is pretty damn amazing to see so many in one spot. They really are cool birds. I could not get a good enough shot with my camera, but they were all just hanging about like in this pic below stolen from the locations website:

We were anticipating the weekend quite a bit, so now I am sad it has finally come and gone, like everything else. We started a semi-annual tradition of spending my birthday in a log cabin. One year we crammed 8 people in a 2 bedroom cabin; one room had a queen bed, one room had 2 bunk beds and one room had a nasty fold out sofa. Despite the tight quarters, it was a crap-load of fun. This time we had 6 people and decided to upgrade to a new addition, a log LODGE. Everyone had their own rooms and this time we also had a downstairs recreation room with pool table and big screen TV and a hot tub on the outside deck.

We got there on Friday evening and watched the full moon rise over the mountain and had a killer view of Mount Baker:

We played board games and poker. Delicious meals were cooked and devoured. And the best moments were when we were all sitting in our pajamas in the early morning under the shadow of the mountain, each silently reading while the fresh brewed coffee began to enter our veins.

We did not sky this year, but were reminded of the first time we tried to ski Mount Baker while staying up there a few years ago. It was a crappy snow year that year and was actually raining on the mountain while we tried to ski. I am not the greatest skier, but one thing I can boast is that I very rarely fall down; not so that year. The mountain was kicking my ass and I was falling all the way down the slopes instead of gracefully gliding down. By the end of the ski day, I was beat up and had had enough. Sasha & I had planned to meet at the upper slopes by 4pm. On my last run I had accidentally skied to the lower slopes having no idea that the only way to get back to the upper slopes was to take a lift all the way back up top to the mountain and ski back to the other area. This would take me forever and the lifts were on their last runs, furthermore there was no way in Hades I was getting back on those skis. I tried to finagle a ride on one of the shuttles, but a bitchy ski clerk would not allow it. I was desperate, cold, miserable and starting to cry when I saw an opportunity. I am a shy girl, but something came over me and I marched right up to some rescue workers and said the following: I am hurt and need to get back to the upper level, may I please have a ride on the back of your snow mobile? Miraculously one of them agreed and I got the ride of my life!

Anyway, I will try to share some photos of those taking advantage of the hot tub at our log lodge, naked but for a cowboy hat.

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