2:06 p.m. on October 24, 2005

We had a mini-Vegas weekend in honor of our good friend’s birthday. This entailed heading up to the new Indian casino that is next to a new outlet mall, so we did some shopping, gambling and “fine dining.” The shopping was successful as the outlet mall has some nice shops selling at a major discount. The gambling was successful in that it was fun and the birthday boy won $100 on black jack. The rest of us lost since we were playing the odds-challenged slot machines, but I liked hitting the bonuses. It was just like throwing $10 at a video game or something. The fine dining was not so fine, however. We were going to do the buffet to round out the Vegas experience, but that would have been too difficult for one of us with a broken leg, so we waited almost 2 hours for a seat in the steak place. While we waited, we did catch some of the goofy cover band playing in the Cabaret lounge. Out of the 9 of us at dinner, not ALL of our entrees were gross, but a good portion of them were on the icky side.

After dinner we did some more gambling. It was pretty crowded on a Saturday night, but I found a Wheel of Fortune Nickel machine in between some old, raggedy smokers. I felt like I was seated next to the dregs of society and then one of them spilt her drink all over her machine and her bare legs. That did not stop me from asking her for help when I hit the bonus and did not understand the rules.

Sunday was a little quieter as we decorated the house for our TV themed costume Halloween party we are having next week. At about 6pm, the power went out for no good reason; we were one of 12,000 homes affected due to a downed line or something. I always enjoy power outages for a little change. I was able to light the gas burners and make some soup and grilled cheese, official power outage food. We ate by candlelight and I thought some romance might spark up, but Sasha was wearing his wireless radio head phones to listen to the World Series, so I read a book by mini-book-light and fell asleep early.

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