Mish Mash
10:00 a.m. on April 27, 2005

My new job is so hard; I am earning my money now.

It is supposed to be hot in Seattle today (it may get up to 70, please help me), so I have my summer clothes on including high-water Capriís & backless, slip on shoes. Now that I am sitting at my desk, I realized my mistake; I am not ready for spring after all as I still have the winter fur. Time to shave off all excess body hair & paint the toenails, spring has sprung!

I hate it when I am sitting at a stoplight and casually look over at someone standing on the sidewalk just as they spit a loogie or shoot a snot rocket. I really do not need to be a part of that.

Sasha was talking in his sleep last night:

Him: hahahah

Me: hahahaha

Him: That sounds like fun.

Me: What sounds like fun.

Him: I donít know, is it your grandma? Murmurmurmur. The bar.

Me: What Bar?

Him: The heat the heat heat the heatchow!

Me: That does sound like fun, letís go right now.

Him: teeheehee


Him: (Agitated Rustling)

Me: You OK?

Him: I know this sounds petty, but the roofer who spilled molten hot tar all over himself today, do we really have to pay him time and a half?

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