Egocentric Non Sequitur
11:21 a.m. on February 23, 2006

I am in a bad mood mainly because Sashaís alarm went off at 6:00 am, followed by a dozen hits of the snooze button, for a full NINETY minutes before he actually got up.

I have never been to the circus.

I make about 8 billion movements with my mouse per day while I work on the computer. I started getting a bad pain in my right shoulder, so I got one of those turbo ball mouses, where you donít have to move the mouse at all, just roll the ball around with your fingertips & click with your thumb. I am not at all used to it, so I am struggling as I maneuver around the computer screen; I feel a little retarded (that means impeded, people).

Memory: visiting my sister in her dorm room a million years ago and feeding the seagulls via her 10th floor bedroom window. About 10 or so seagulls would fly and hover near us while we threw food at them. It was exciting and terrifying, because these huge birds threatened to come right into the room with you.

For a period of time during my 6th year at Catholic school, the kids began calling me mean names. The year before, everyone called this girl Katie mean names. I remember thinking I am glad that is not me, but then my turn came. One of these cruel names they called me I now use as my password for Internet banking. Is this good or bad?

The last book I read, A Heart of Stone, was about a woman suffering from post-partum depression who kills 3 of her 5 children (two survived her attempt), her husband and herself. It was actually really good and not as much of a bummer as it sounds.

Guadalupe was drunk or fucked up on drugs during the Project Runway Reunion show. I donít know if Santino will win, but I am more interested in seeing his collection than the other two.

I am not that into watching the Olympics, but I did like the Flying Tomato guy. He is kin after all; I am his fourth cousin, Couch Tomato.

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