Off-White Wedding
9:54 a.m. on July 25, 2005

We did it! Itís over! Holy Crap! Now it is time for the honeymoon! Here are some highlights I may or may not expound upon later:

The party began Thursday evening & did not end until Sunday afternoon.

The weather gods made sweet love to us with 70 comfortable degrees, lovely sun & perfect sunset. The wind & rain respectfully stayed at bay.

No one was struck by any errant golf balls; just a few cars got dinged & no one is suing me (we were in a golf club park & had to sign a waver).

As the rehearsal dinner was winding down, I ran screaming through the restaurant yelling to call 9-1-1, falsely thinking someone was having a heart attack.

The wedding day could not have gone more perfectly, my fantasy dance party come true.

People came from all over the nation, the love was prevalent.

We could not have done it without so much help we got from our friends & family, thank you.

We had four flavors of cake.

I really, really missed my Mom, but you know what? She was there.

I love Sasha.

I will never do that again, this is for sure my last wedding.

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