11:08 a.m. on May 09, 2007

I never watch the home shopping network and I never buy things off infomercials with the exception of the Pilates circle, which I used one time. Regular commercials rarely sucker me in, although I do have a Swiffer that broke after 3 uses and I did buy the Biore strip thing that you stick on your nose & tear off to clear out your pores. It did clear out my pores and took half the skin off my nose as a dissatisfying bonus.

I was reading the Sunday paper this weekend and came across an article in the Parade Magazine section. It was all about the New Gold Presidential coin they are getting ready to issue and how you could get a free, never circulated first issue of the George Washington dollar if you buy a $20 sealed vault tube of 12 coins. These first edition coins would have the added bonus of additional text carved into the edge of each coin and are in short supply. Only the first few callers would get the opportunity to own these particular coins. If you were lucky, you might get your hands on one after it had been through major circulation, but who wants a special coin that has already been touched by the masses? They also made the point that if you had bought a vault tube Presidential gold coin of Truman when they came out in 1972, you would be $7,000 richer!

I am not patriotic and I am not a coin collector, but somehow I found myself calling the 800 number on a Sunday afternoon and making the purchase. You get the see-through sealed vault tube with the 12 coins and then you get the extra coin in a special case so you can play with one without having to break the seal on the vault tube. Why I thought that was cool, I have no idea.

After I hung up the phone $23 dollars poorer after shipping & handling, Sasha looked at me and said: What did you do? Now I am wondering the same thing.

I guess the cool part is that they are 2007 coins and I know exactly a dozen babies being born this year, so it could potentially make a cute little gift. Or whatever.

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