1:16 p.m. on January 23, 2007

I am almost, ALMOST out of my stress-induced funk. I am hoping this extra cup of coffee I am drinking today will knock me back over into the land of the living.

It is embarrassing to see how a few tense situations can send me curling up into a fetal ball. I mean, now that I am thinking back and figuring how to put it into words, not all that much happened.

Basically, the holiday season (which I do not enjoy), combined with being in charge of my company office move at the same time Seattle is getting its assed kicked by unusually fierce weather is a lot for me to handle. We got tons more snow and a crazy wind storm that caused many trees to fall; one tree falling on my neighbors house (a mere 20 yards from our bedroom) the night before I was hosting my company holiday party. Throw in no sleep, my beloved little kitty getting sick and continued fertility troubles and I simply lost it! Something got knocked loose in my scull causing a 15 minute nervous break down followed by an extensive recovery period. I needed a few back-to-back weekends of doing absolutely nothing to help heal my sore noggin’.

Now all of that is behind me. The holidays are long passed, no more parties to plan, the office move was a success, my kitty is doing better (although I am terrified she will relapse), and the sun is out. I even have some days off peppered throughout the month of February making it so I do not have to work a full week that entire month!

Anyway, thanks for the support and open mouth kisses, I needed it. Next time send heavy medication.

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