1:47 p.m. on November 07, 2005

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For a nine to five cubicle dweller like myself, Monday or Friday is the only true things that have any meaning in this crazy, mixed-up world.

Monday mornings are so painful. I am not a morning person. I am not an early riser. I am not a go-getter, by any means. Sleep is one of my favorite things, although going to bed early is not something I was ever good at. I have memories of being still in diapers and staying up to watch Saturday Night Live with the rest of my family. I never wanted to go to sleep, but once I was there, I would curse you to hell if you ever tried to wake me up. My sister used to jump up and down on my bed to get me up in the mornings. I had one of those little play organs in my room and she would go to town in the early morning playing that thing in hopes of getting me up. This was seriously annoying.

In the summers between grade school, I would still be asleep at 12 in the afternoon. The sound of my Momís car tires in the driveway when she came home from work for lunch would bound me out from under the covers like a rocket in hopes that she would not know I was still in bed and had not even thought about my daily chores.

I loved it when I had a job where the hours were from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm. I would sleep until about an hour before I had to be there & then I would goof around until the wee hours, not having to worry about a proper bedtime.

For the life of me, I STILL cannot go to sleep before midnight each night. I curse each morning when my alarm goes of at 6:50 am to be snoozed another 30 minutes. I am not a good match for my boss, who is one of those people who gets up at 5:00 am every single day and is on the tread mill by 5:15 am while simultaneously having a conference call with east coast corporations.

I know all you folks out there with children and other life responsibilities have to get up so early every day without a choice and I will have to suffer likewise if I ever have kids or other real life responsibilities. I will, however train my kids as soon as possible how to turn on the TV and make their own breakfast.

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