12:10 p.m. on September 26, 2005

I was supposed to go to a one-year old birthday party for a friend of Sasha’s on Thursday, but somehow lucked out & got to skip it. This meant I complained less about having to go to a going-away party on Friday night for another friend of Sasha’s. I was going to know exactly 2 people at this party, so we stopped at a bar before hand to get a couple of social-lubricating cocktails. The party was at a house on the lake that was going to be torn down soon. It had a perfect view on an alarmingly rickety deck. It was fun with lots of interesting folks and I played the small talk game for hours: “Where do you live?” Where do you work?” “How long have you lived in Seattle?” “Why did you move here?”

On Saturday I had a lovely morning to myself as Sasha helped a friend move some dirt. I did lots of laundry, house straitening and transferred clothes from summer to winter. We were to meet up in the evening with some close pals to go to Octoberfest. I don’t drink beer, so at the last minute, we decided to go to a pub near the festivities so I could get some mixed drinks and then we would go to the shi-shi sushi joint for dinner. When we got to the restaurant, our table still was not ready, so we hung out in the bar area and got many more drinks and top-shelf tequila shots. It was not the best idea to get snockered before sitting at a table next to the rotating sushi that travels on small colored plates on tracks right at eye level. It was mesmerizing and we kept grabbing more and more dishes with no self-control until we almost burst with all the rice expanding in our bellies with the hot sake. This did not stop us from going to yet another bar afterwards.

The next day, the same friends called for Sasha’s help to use his truck and manpower to move an armoire they just bought on Craig’s list. We were all to go over to another couple’s house later that day to play Kooky Kroquet. This is like a combination of croquet and mini-golf, where there are brightly colored obstacles to tackle on top of the regular wickets, like a loop-de-loop, etc. I prefer to have my Sunday’s to chill out in an anti-social slugfest as to keep Monday morning at bay for as long as possible, but how could I say no to Kooky Kroquet?

It seemed like Sasha was taking an awfully long time, then I finally got a call from our friend he was helping. Her voice was muffled-hysteria as she said: “Sasha is fine. There has been an accident. J is hurt.” I immediately think car accident, but then she said: “They were moving the armoire in to the house when J slipped on the stoop and the armoire fell on top of him. His foot is completely cocked to the side at an unnatural angle. We think it is broken or dislocated. He was taking to the ER in an ambulance. I am on my way there now”. WHAT THE FUCK!?!? Of all the crazy crap! He did break his leg in two places and is due to have surgery to put in some pins sometime this week.

Sasha & I kept our obligation to play Kroquet, but the whole rest of the day was all tweaked and just felt weird as we worried about our friend.

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