12:14 p.m. on April 11, 2006

The Guest Entry portion of our programming is now over. Superkala massive thanks to all those that participated. It was an enormous amount of fun for me. I never knew from day to day who was going to contribute; each entry was a surprise and a delight. I had no clue what people would end up writing about or that so many would share deeply personal parts of their lives. I am humbled by everyone’s willingness and generosity. I am not worthy.

Let me tell you a little something about each contributor before we return to our regularly scheduled programming:

The first time my site lit up with a new entry, I became a giddy schoolgirl. I was thrilled that not only did Marzipan choose to go the route of one of my suggested entry ideas, but she used ALL the ideas. She actually drew a picture of the future which blew me away. Marzipan was one of the first people here at Diaryland to put me on their list of reads 2 years ago. She will always have a warm spot in my heart.

POOPIEBITCH is one of my favorite diarylanders and friends. She left for a little while, but I am happy to report that she is back to posting on a regular basis. I love the story from her childhood & the things she has learned. The photos that sum her up were very cool. Her baking talent is incredible.

PRINCESS Carmen is one of my rare reads outside of the walls of Diaryland. Her very personal entry hit home for me and I am grateful she shared it here. Her defining moment is pretty amazing and important. To wake up each day wondering what the fuck you are doing here is something a lot of us have gone through. I thought she expressed it beautifully.

The entry by REGRET was written by one of my best friends who has nothing to be sorry about.

WICKEDCRAZY is my diaryland crush. She kicks ass all over the place. I thought her story as a majorette pageant runner was hilarious and perfect and I think she should write her memoirs now while her Mom can still read them.

ELGAN is another of my very first friends here at Diaryland. She is sort of like my mother figure as I always seek her out for her wise and caring advice. Her fictional tale of the loss of my virginity was hilarious, although not totally accurate…except for the bit about the pie.

The poop tales by Pooh was written by none other than my sister, my champion. I loved her entry and am thankful she contributed. As a special Ed teacher, she heroically deals with other people’s poop & bodily fluids every day and should be given some kind of award for her dedication. I think she must have been referring to her other sister with the underwear under the bed, because I have no recollection.

I was delighted to see an entry from METONYM. She is a very smart woman and I love that she chose to educate us on the history of the tapeworm. Thank god for the wonders of progressive science.

Geese Aplenty is friend from high school. He also has a very popular website. I must admit that doing this guest entry extravaganza did increase my stats ten fold, but after Greg posted, my stats busted a hole through the roof. I like that he took me back in time to look back to the future.

The summation photo that ADELYNE used was so cute and made even cuter still by its gigantoid size. I was excited to see that she did a guest entry.

I have known Chris since 1990 and will be friends with him until I die. He is an expat from England living in Australia and was working for a U.S. company until recently. He is now living my dream of being fancy free until the next opportunity. I really appreciated his story & photos of these seriously cute kitties.

SBELLEM is another favored Diarylander. I seriously had no idea what people were going to write about, but her harrowing tale of rashy stinging pits was funny and cringe-worthy.

I feel that SERENAVILLE wrote this entry for me and for all of us. The timing that her entry fell on my second year anniversary here at Diaryland was not lost on me. It means a lot to see that Diaryland is home to so many wonderful people who feel the same way I do. Serena had been going through so much in her personal life lately, I was very touched that she took the time to write something for me and her subject is so close to my heart.

F-I-N is not only one of my favorite Diaryland writers, she is one of my favorite writers, period. She has an amazing talent with the written word and is also a fabulous artist. The remarkable part is that she is still in high school.

Letty just ran a freaking marathon! She also skates in the roller derby and is one of the strongest people that I know.

Maven is a prolific writer and a classically trained singer. I love that she wrote openly about her foray into sexual encounters throughout her growth years. This made others feel more comfortable about sharing their own personal stories.

Sheffspecial is one of my oldest friends. I loved her collaboration with her boyfriend. She jazzed up the place with a sharp book report and first century poetry.

TOFALLDIVINE is a fellow introvert. I was so happy to see her entry and perspective on boys. It is true what she says, that every moment defines you.

Bustwana is the hottest chick I know and her life as a whole is certainly not boring. Love the photo.

SBT is an old friend, big love, recently recovered via the internet. The story of the ducks coupled with the photo made my world. I was amazed that he chose to share such a huge part of himself here. That kind of honesty is rare and astonishing and I am forever grateful.

Octavia is another great writer and artist who has her whole life ahead of her. I just love that photo and think it says so much. I was very happy to see an entry from her with some of her incredible artwork on display.

Thank god for Gumphood. He is Diaryland royalty and I feel special to have his unique wit and singular insight into human nature grace these pages.

URBANCADENCE is my friend who has again humbled me. I loved his entry very much and am so glad he is truly living life. He has a hot boyfriend and I know he has a successful, happy life ahead.

Another entry that totally blew me away was by Teranika I am extremely honored to have her wedding post on my site, how incredibly generous of her. I was completely caught up in the excitement and beauty and wildness of the day. I wish her and her new husband a lifetime of joy together.

Another favorite longtime read here is licalicious I thought it was so cool that she woke up in the middle of the night to share her reoccurring dream. I also love that the dream has shifted over the years with a more positive ending. It seems fraught with meaning.

This story by Anonymous is incredible and heartbreaking. I thank her for sharing this. I was blown away by the supportive responses she received in the comments. To me she is a vibrant and lovely woman and I hope she knows that. I know she will soon find strength & love and peace.

And finally, the perfect ending by Betty Ford She is a new favorite of mine and I love her entry; a charming summary photo captioned by infamous lyrics of the 1980’s. A short and sweet closing to the GUEST ENTRY EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!

I can’t thank you all enough for contributing, reading and commenting. I love you.

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