We Survived
12:39 p.m. on December 27, 2005

We survived another Christmas.

We left on Friday to drive up to Leavenworth, a Bavarian Village in the snowy mountains. We wanted to get an early-ish start, but I was so exhausted, I did not wake up until 11:00 am! I then proceeded to have a minor, hypoglycemic breakdown as everything went wrong when trying to pack up on an empty stomach.

We did not get on the road until almost 2:00 pm. It was already getting dark and it was horrendously pouring rain.

I lightened up a bit when the Jesus King Sign greeted us. Seems like there should be a separation between Church and fast food, but then again…

After 3 hours, we made it to our snowy village.

Our room was comfy with a lovely view of the river.

The town is all decked out for Christmas.

We stayed in our room for the majority of our visit, but did delight in a bit of sledding.

We relaxed our Asses off and I was able to read 2 magazines, finish a novel and start another. We played many games of Cribbage and I lost them all.

I was looking forward to a nice soak in a hot bath, which I promptly desecrated by shaving my body hair for the first time in months. I have light coloring, so it is hard to see the fur in this photographic evidence. I will spare you the shot of my pits.

We went out to a lovely dinner on Christmas Eve, where I proceeded to get a bit verklempt. I really missed my family at that moment and I realized that you can never escape the holidays.

Merry Christmas, it’s over!

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