Why Sasha is so sweet:
4:47 p.m. on May 19, 2005

Because when I got my wisdom teeth out last year, he went out and bought about $100 worth of soft foods, including yogurt, ice cream & smoothies.

Because he will pick me up and pretty much anyone else from the airport at any time of the day or night.

Because I made him a list of things to fix around the house and he is ACTUALLY DOING IT!

Because when my Mom was just diagnosed and I had a job interview in a southern suburb that required me to drive a very sketchy part of the freeway and potentially get lost or killed due to my fragile state of mind and extreme lack of direction, he took the day off work, drove me to the interview and waited until I was done before driving me back home. I got called back for a second interview, but I declined.

Because when my Mom died, he was all the way in Wisconsin getting ready to leave for upper Ontario to go on his annual family fishing trip, but he flew back to California to be there for me and was a pallbearer. He also helped to get me out of my head & put everything in to perspective a few days later by taking me on a hike to see the world’s tallest redwood tree.

Because last night while he slept, he held my hand tight to his chest, intermittently kissing my palm and caressing my fingers and my heart burst into a million pieces.

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