Tree on House
4:17 p.m. on June 24, 2005

I had the craziest day yesterday and by the time I got home, I was ready to crash in a heap of anxiety-fueled exhaustion.

Not 5 seconds after I got in the door, I see my neighbor, Coor’s beer in hand, trekking across my front lawn. I wondered what the heck he wanted as he rang the doorbell.

When I opened the door he asked: “Have you seen your back yard yet?”
“Did my tree fall?!” I yelled.

Since we moved in, we have had a very tall and very dead tree towering over our house. It was covered in vines that seemingly strangled it to death and then died themselves. The branches were spindly, sharp daggers protruding in every direction.

We were going to have someone come look at it next week to plan how we were going to take it down, as it sort of protruded out the side of the hill in an awkward stance. I guess we do not have to worry about that anymore.

My neighbor & I went in to the back yard, and the site was awesome. The entire tree was on top of the house, lying across the full length of the roof, from one end to other, the LONG way. It smashed the gutter; crushed part of the attached storage shed and pierced various spots in the roof. The way it fell, I may not have realized it was on the house had the neighbor not came and told me, as it was not visible from any windows or the front yard. He said he was just sitting in front of his house, looking at the many tall trees in the area, when one came crashing down on our house. He saw the whole thing.

I did not have any film in my camera, but vowed I would get some the next day, because it would make unbelievable photographs.

When Sasha got home at 9:00 pm, it was still light enough to go on the roof and check it out. I was asleep by the time he finally came to bed, but I heard him say that he could not help himself and already took a hacksaw to it & got it off the roof. I awoke with a start and yelled: I WANTED TO TAKE PICTURES!

I am glad it is off the roof, but no photo is a true tragedy.

I am so glad it did not fall while I was home and especially not in the middle of the night. I would have jumped out of my skin, as I am so ready for that 9.0 earthquake.

It is Friday again and I hope to goodness sakes that I have a mellow, low-drama weekend.

You, too.

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