Up & Down & Up
9:33 a.m. on March 07, 2005

I was a female Clint Eastwood, back in his gun-slinging movie days. I was threatening a thug while holding on to a cable, suddenly I was being pulled high up in to the sky, shooting up at 40 miles an hour. I had a loose grip on the cable, but was not worried; I was exhilarated. I had a perfect and beautiful view of everything. When I was about 3000 feet up, I was suddenly falling, plummeting back to earth. My heart was racing with the wind hard against my face. Then at top speed and with much force, I plunged into the ocean and sank all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor. I slowly began to float back to the surface. I did not want to float too fast to avoid getting the bends, but I was running out of air. Then I found I could breathe under water, so I swam around with all the sea life and was happy.

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