11:48 a.m. on March 14, 2006

I had so much to do before leaving work on Friday that I made myself an afternoon mocha and accidentally made it a double. I scrambled to get it all done and still leave on time because I had to buy a present before going to a party later that night. My parking pass for work had fallen out of my pocket at home, so I had to find street parking at the top of the hill and a few blocks around the corner. When I left work later than usual, I ran up the steep hill, caffeine coursing through my veins. It was freezing and beginning to snow. The rush of stimulus caused my lungs to squeeze my heart tight.

The sky was all mottled and interesting. As I drove homeward, I could see a bit of snow hitting my windshield, mixed with too much rain. As I drove further north I hoped the rain would turn into big fluffy white flakes, but I got something else; simultaneous thunder and lightening so loud and bright, my heart shot clear out of my chest. I quickly turned off the radio and the windshield wipers and rolled down my window so I could get the full force of the action. At one point it was pouring snow and ice and rain mixed in with the thunder and lightening. Outstanding. I wished it would go on all night, but it was just a squall that quickly passed. Still, I was satiated.

The party was at the Curling Club, a small affair with just women. We drank a lot and gossiped and occasionally watched the people on the ice rink scream and sweep in hopes of getting the miniature spaceship shaped curling stone into the scoring area. Sasha joined us a few hours in and avoided the girl talk by hanging with our friend who bartends. We left close to 1:00 am and as we walked in the bitter cold of the frozen parking lot, I heard a weird sound. There was another man in the lot and I looked at him as he looked up, so I looked up in time to see a mother fucking snowy owl. It is unusual for them to be in this area, but I had heard of some recent sightings. We just stopped dead in our tracks and watched him fly off into the bitter night.

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