3:01 p.m. on September 06, 2005

I had a perfectly good 3-day weekend, and then the workweek began with some discomfort. Friday, Sasha & I had Chinese dinner with Sheff Special & Co. prefaced with some shopping in a Japanese grocery where we got some sushi makings and my favorite log candy.

Saturday was more social activity playing poker with friends, in which I doubled my money and got to say cocksucker a lot.

Sunday & Monday was gloriously anti-social. I got a ton of sleep, cleaned the house, made-out with my cats and ate homemade numskiush sushi. I also flipped the TV channel between the footage of the gulf coast and episodes of My Super Sweet 16. I shifted from feeling horrified to disgusted, disgusted back to horrified again. Watching people who had little to begin with and now have absolutely nothing to watching people who spend $200,000 on a stupid birthday party & the girl freaks when she thinks she is getting a 2001 Audi instead of a 2006 Audi. These rich kids are royally screwed up with little to no chance of becoming decent adults.

Anyway, I was quite sad when I had to get up for work this morning, especially since I had to go to the dentist first. I drove to my dentist office and while trying to find parking in the residential area, I bashed the rear of my tank car into an innocent parked vehicle, making a sick dent with scrapes. I admit my first instinct was to run, especially since I was pretty sure no one saw me. I could not do it, though, I needed to fess up to my mistake and suffer the consequences of a hefty bill & probable increase in my insurance rates. I left an apologetic note with my info and then shuffled into the dental chair where I proceeded to sit for 3 hours getting poked and drilled and prodded.

When is the next holiday?

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