Everybody's working for the weekend
3:21 p.m. on April 22, 2005

My new job is hard, people! The girl I am taking over for must have had some serious short timers syndrome in the last few weeks, because she left me a boatload of shit to do. A lot of this is very time sensitive, because we are dealing with the terminally ill. It is not like her to be careless like that, she is usually hyper-empathetic, but when it is time for you to leave a job it is time for you to leave a job and your head is nowhere else.

Anyhow, after I had to unsubscribe my 90th person today, because they lost their fight with cancer, I was leaning back stretching my aching neck and saw something that gave me the best belly laugh of all time. Our offices are loft style, so the ceiling is constructed of very narrow, but long planks of wood. On the 7th plank of wood from the wall of my cubicle, were the words written in distinct block letters: EAT MY ASS. It took me a moment to understand what I was seeing as I was looking at it upside-down with my neck cocked over my chair. Now I have to wonder if someone wrote it there recently (they would need a tall latter) or if it has been there for the last 2 years & I never noticed before today. I like to think that the kooky girl wrote it on her last day. Awesome! Now if someone says that I have boring office décor, I can just point up.

Someone gave me one of those plastic toys called: Cubes, where you can make your own miniature cubicle. The assembly is insane as it comes complete with in box, computer, chair, calculator & graphs. It is too much assembly for me & I do not want to make fun of my little gray-walled office area, because it is worlds better than my office at my last job where I basically shared a counter with 2 other hateful people. Sure, I do not have a view of lake union like my CEO does (I will catch him just watching the sailboats go by). My head would be constantly out that window if I had his office & I would never get any blogging done.

It is Friday again. And then it will be Monday again and then Friday again. So it goes. I feel good, though & will enjoy the moment.


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